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The game was developed and published by Telltale Games as part of a licensing The player can access a hint system, revealing one clue at a time from a Marty and Doc return to the future unaware that their actions have caused A promotional offer was made on Telltale's web site to download a free copy as well.
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Cameo appearances: Liv Boeree champion poker player. Photography by Khaled Sayed. Cameo appearances: Steven Johnson author, host of "American Innovations". Cameo appearances: Matthew Mercer host of the web series Critical Role. Photography Courtesy of Charity: Water. Photography by Peter DaSilva. Photography from Aneel Bhusri.

Photography Courtesy of Danny Meyer. Cameo appearances: Chris Yeh co-author, Blitzscaling , Matt Walker author, professor of neuroscience and psychology. Photography Courtesy of Peter DaSilva. Photography Courtesy of Daniel Ek.

Back to the Future: The Game

Cameo appearances: Rohan Gunatillake Buddhify. Cameo appearances: Karen Kirkland Nickelodeon. Photography Courtesy of Marissa Mayer. Photography Courtesy of Mark Pincus. Photography Courtesy of Starbucks. Photography by Christopher Schodt. Photography courtesy of Khaled Sayed. Photography courtesy of John Elkann.

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Photography By Christopher Schodt. Photography courtesy of Caterina Fake. Photography By Angelica Ekeke. Cameo appearances: Tim Lefler Slack. Cameo appearances: Chris Costa Victorinox. Cameo appearances: Cheryl Kellond Apostrophe, Inc. Photography Courtesy of Tim Ferriss. Photography By Jacqui Ipp. A WaitWhat original podcast. In each episode, Reid shows how companies grow from zero to a gazillion, testing his theories with legendary leaders.

Masters of Scale is the first American media program to commit to gender balance for guests. Sponsored By. From the Masters of Scale: Rapid Response podcast. Burning Cash, Accepting Turbulence. A New Playbook for New Times. Darren Walker President, Ford Foundation.

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What do you want to encourage or discourage? The question is: What can you do to improve your company, your situation, your business? This is about systems and methods. Scaling start ups ask Reid their questions. Global entrepreneurs facing hyperfast growth ask Reid their questions.

Leaders inspire them to do it. You have to be agile. So in this episode, we wrote our own rules, based on the principles that really helped the guests on this show succeed. You know what that is. Once you start thinking that way, everything goes a lot better. Nobody should interview while tired. So, when you change it, how do you keep it feeling simple?

Everybody seeks to get better at something. Check out the latest installment to hear Mike Lynch, managing director of Hartford Funds Applied Insights, discuss scenarios where benefits may be subject to taxation and ways you can help clients avoid potential reductions. His clients expect more.

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He uses the MIT AgeLab 8, Days content to provide a blueprint for what his clients can expect to experience in retirement. In this episode, Patrick Murphy, CEO at John Hancock Retirement Plan Services, shares his thoughts about the role of financial professionals in the retirement plans, new tools that are helping participants prepare for retirement, and trends that are changing the retirement plan industry.

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  • Masters of Scale, an original podcast hosted by Reid Hoffman.
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Episode 21 — Social Security: What am I entitled to? October 2, — Nine scenarios. For married couples, the available options grow to While the most suitable option may not be the same for everyone, Mike Lynch, managing director of Hartford Funds Applied Insights, explains how you can help by sharing factors to consider. Here's how to maximize your benefits, cnbc. In this episode, Patrick Murphy, CEO at John Hancock Retirement Plan Services, shares his thoughts about trends in the retirement plans industry, the latest results from their Financial Stress Survey and his thoughts about financial wellness.

Have your referrals plateaued? It involves getting your clients to tell others about your services. The Oechsli Institute uses a simple, yet powerful metric to measure WOMI with financial professionals: the number of referrals received in the past year. In this episode, Stephen Boswell, president of The Oechsli Institute, shares tips about the first two levels of the Word of Mouth Influence Hierarchy: Exceeding financial professional expectations and emotionally connecting with clients.

Sixty percent of workers claim benefits before their full retirement age. By doing so, they lock in a lower-than-expected benefit for the remainder of their lives. Many financial professionals want to be perceived by their clients as more than just the investment person. Jill Slomski, president of Niche Team, LLC, explains how to plan and implement a 12 month rolling marketing calendar to connect with clients at events on a more regular basis.

The results: increased client loyalty, more referrals and fun. Sixty five percent of baby boomer workers plan to work past age 65 or do not plan to retire. Most recent data available used. Many Americans look forward to retirement but often find themselves caught completely off guard by how dramatically different life after working can be. Mike Lynch, managing director of Hartford Funds Applied Insights, talks to John Diehl, Senior Vice President of Strategic Markets at Hartford Funds, discusses a unique concept he uses to help pre- or newly-retired clients transition to this new phase of life successfully—and practical steps towards implementing a program in your own practice.

We all want a steady flow of new business coming our way. But we get caught up in caring for clients on a day-to-day, need-by-need basis which results in us neglecting our pipeline for new sales. Jill Slomski, president of Niche Team, explains how to analyze your top 25 clients to build a prospecting funnel. She conveys how to be less reactive and more proactive about building your practice.

She also explains how to find similarities among your best clients to create your ideal client profile. Jill provided a sample worksheet that you can get in the show notes. We'll discuss how you can help your clients overcome this very human inclination to put off the hard decisions. Personal finance expert Farnoosh Torabi interviews one of the intellectual godfathers of behavioral economics, Professor David Laibson.

He chairs the economics department at Harvard University and he leads the university's Foundations of Human Behavior initiative. Hartford Funds has engaged Farnoosh Torabi to conduct this interview.

Back to the Future The Game - EPISODE 1 (All Trophies / Achievements) 30th Anniversary Walkthrough

Farnoosh Torabi is not an employee of Hartford Funds. Personal finance expert Farnoosh Torabi and Professor David Laibson of the Harvard University Economics Department talk about how financial professionals can use the science of choice architecture to structure the way their clients make choices, helping them arrive at better outcomes.