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Free Ebook DC Adventures Heroes and Villains Vol 2 The DC Universe features a dazzling array of characters who have thrilled readers for generations.
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Gotham Central, Book 4. Infinite Crisis. Batman: Detective. Batman: The Black Casebook. Batman and Son. Batman: Death and the City. Batman: The Heart of Hush. Batman R. Final Crisis. Final Crisis is genuinely the most difficult superhero universe comic I have ever attempted to read, although at the time I was not nearly as well-versed in the DC Universe.

Reader beware! Batman: Battle for the Cowl. Batman: Long Shadows.


Batman: Streets of Gotham, Vol. Batman: Streets of Gotham — Vol. Batman: Life After Death. Batman: Arkham Reborn. Batman and Robin, Vol. Batman: Time and The Batman. Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne. A number of 1-shots. Batman: The Return. Batman: Streets of Gotham Vol.

Batman, Incorporated- Vol. Batman: Gates of Gotham. A mad bomber with a centuries old grudge is out to level Gotham city. This story delves into the history of the city and how that history has impacted the entire globe. Batman: Eye of the Beholder. Batman: The Black Mirror. Consider this the ceremonial passing of the torch from the Grant Morrison era to the Scott Snyder Batman era. Snyder and Capullo books are marked below like so. Batman, Vol. You have two options with New 52 Batman.

DC Comics: Zero Year.

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This will not advance the Batman Zero Year story much, but will provide some New 52 companion issues. Batman: The Night of the Owls. Detective Comics: Faces of Death. Batman, Incorporated, Vol. The series essentially continues operating as if the New 52 never happened, which is totally cool if you enjoyed Batman, Inc. Batman and Robin: Born to Kill. Detective Comics: Scare Tactics. Batman and Robin: Pearl. The Joker: Death of the Family. Detective Comics: Emperor Penguin.

Table of contents

Batman and Robin: Requiem. Detective Comics: The Wrath. Batman Eternal, Vol.

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Arkham Manor. The Joker: Endgame. You should read Batman 35 to 37, and then read the tie-ins above. From there you can move to Batman 38 to Batman Vol. If anything, Snyder and Capullo gave us a new great run to talk about for years. Batman survives, as always, and you can check out the full DC Rebirth reading order here.

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Detective Comics Vol. Nightwing Vol. Batman: Night of the Monster Men. There is some overlap with the first Bat-family crossover and the subsequent collections, but this will give you the crossover in its intended order. Batgirl Vol. All-Star Batman Vol. Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad Reading Order. Justice League of America Vol. Trinity Vol. Batman: Detective Comics Vol. Batman — Detective Comics Vol. Detective Comics The Deluxe Edition.

The Batman Who Laughs. Batman: Universe.

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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. What Ever Happened to the Caped Crusader? These three miniseries helped define 90s comics and are an absolute must-read for any fan of the era, the Bat, or just action-packed fun. A kind of companion piece to Batman vs. Predator, this book collects a series of stories where Batman, Superman, and WildC.

Mutants From Hell! Batman Lobo. A collection of fun, experimental, and downright absurd Batman stories. Includes the origins of Batmite. Batman: Mitefall. An absurd send-up of the 90s Knightfall event. Do NOT enter into this expecting a Batman comic. Instead, think more along the lines of a Groo the Barbarian for the dark and violent decade. What more could you expect from Alan Grant of Lobo fame?! The Joker. This gets a little intense.

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Batman: Noel. Batman meets Dickens. This story shows familiar heroes and villains throughout the ages in a loose approximation of A Christmas Carol… only with more punching. Batman: Gotham by Gaslight. Elseworlds: Batman Vol. Batman: Earth One. Batman: Earth One Vol. Batman: White Knight. Outside continuity, this DC and Dynamite Comics character crossover is simply a lot of fun.