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The agency, FCB Ulka. The market was dominated by groundnut oil and sunflower was a relatively unknown species.

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Hindustan Lever had just launched Flora, its brand of sunflower oil. How to break through the clutter and stand out?

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The creative team working on the brand hit on the idea of using a child as a short-code to spell health for the healthy. And then they literally made the kid stand on his head.

The cartwheeling Sundrop kid, dressed in a yellow track suit, went on to tug at the heartstrings of mothers to make Sundrop the largest selling cooking oil brand within a few years of its launch in A few years later, Dhara did an interesting take on kids and food. A little kid sits mournfully at a small town railway station.

Zydus Wellness raises Rs 650 crore through issuance of shares to QIBs

A friendly old man dressed in khakis, probably the postman, spies him and walks past him nonchalantly. The boy, who knows the old man, is unable to contain himself and calls out to him. I am running away from home. The old man smiles and says that before he runs away he should consider one thing — his mother was making jalebis and by running away he would miss out on the tasty treat.

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The little kid sheepishly looks at the man and says that then he may postpone the running away to another day. We see the kid sitting on the bicycle as they head home. The brand message flashes. The trustworthy postman dressed in khakhi uniform riding a bicycle has been an integral part of urban and rural landscape in India; I wonder if this cultural icon will ever be replaced by the local pizza delivery man?

The magic of the kid as kid worked for both these food brands. Detergents used to show kids winning cups in competitions and running home in their spotless white school uniforms.

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She plays basketball, she helps her mother. Till Complan came on the scene and started speaking about child growth, Indian children were growing on their own and did not need any special additive. But Complan changed that narrative. If Ayesha Takia won hearts as the Complan girl, the all-time favorite little girl was probably the Rasna girl.

Played by Ankita Jhaveri, the Rasna girl created by Mudra Communications went on to capture the imagination of millions of Indians, old and young and made Rasna a huge success. In one of their early ads, Ankita is waiting for her dad to come home from work. Her mother offers him coffee.

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