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  • Steps to Seeing: Bargue Plate Copies in Sight-Size.
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Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. An arrangement of the artist, their artwork and subject that allows the artist to see the artwork and subject in a one-to-one relationship. It is only through the Sight-Size arrangement that the visual comparison is direct. Sight-Size can be life-size, smaller than life-size, or larger than life-size. Learning how to accurately see, as well as draw, is best done through Sight-Size cast drawing.

Ateliers exist worldwide to help you do that.

But what if you cannot afford atelier training, or there is not an atelier nearby? Or, perhaps you are already in an atelier and would like to supplement that training? Contained within The Sight-Size Cast is everything you ever wanted to know about Sight-Size cast drawing and painting, impressionistic seeing, and the ways in which many of the ateliers that stem from R. Ives Gammell and Richard Lack teach their students.

Despite its title, The Sight-Size Cast is as much about learning to see objectively as it is about cast drawing and painting specifically.

Steps to Seeing: Bargue Plate Copies in Sight-Size by Darren Rousar

Using plaster casts in Sight-Size is simply the best means to an end, which is accurate sight. These topics will provide you with a basis for the second and third parts of the book, which are all about action. As such, part two is directly focused on learning to see through Sight-Size cast drawing and part three on Sight-Size cast painting.

These teachings will be of immense use to you, whether you are attending an atelier, academy, or are learning on your own. Home 1 Books 2. Add to Wishlist. Sign in to Purchase Instantly.

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Members save with free shipping everyday! See details. About the Author I am an atelier-trained artist and teacher who writes books and manages an online atelier that teach you how to draw and paint. His paintings are imbued with such force and vitality that he seems to defy nature herself with his brush. This is seen in all his portraits — and he has made unbelievably many.

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They are painted in such a way that they seem to breathe and live. Indeed, it is improbable that a painter sitting at the easel would ever contrive, much less admit, such a rough and free finish. The practice of standing back to compare a portrait alongside the sitter on a life-size scale was first recorded by Roger de Piles — in his Cours de peinture par principes.

His example had revolutionized British portraiture, bringing to it a grace and sophistication that set a precedent for all that was to follow. The Portrait of Nicholas Lanier , painted in , typifies this sprezzatura. Two studies in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, for The Magistrates of Brussels destroyed by the French in display visual attributes — notably the broad handling — which suggests that Van Dyck stood back while painting. When he was elected President of the newly founded Royal Academy in , Sir Joshua Reynolds became the first Englishman to reach the top of a profession previously dominated by painters from the Continent.

After a short apprenticeship with Thomas Hudson, Reynolds studied in Rome and Venice before returning to London in , where he developed a portrait style that combined allusions to sixteenth-century Venetian painting with poses taken from classical sculpture. His plan was to walk away several feet, then take a long look at me and the picture as we stood side by side, then rush up to the portrait and dash at it in a kind of fury.

I sometimes thought he would make a mistake, and paint on me instead of the picture.

Thomas Gainsborough —88 : Mrs Gainsborough , His studio, which measured twenty feet by sixteen, was illuminated by one small window nine feet four inches from the floor. Thomas Gainsborough developed significantly as an artist after his move to Bath in where he was exposed to portraits by the old masters, principally Van Dyck, in the great houses of the West Country. During this period, Gainsborough began to paint on the scale of life, while his colouring became lighter and more broken.

The ephemeral sparkle of late works like Mr and Mrs William Hallet contrasts dramatically with the miniature perfection of his early style and is indicative of the changes in his method by the time he moved to London in In Discourse XIV , which was posthumously dedicated to Gainsborough, Reynolds makes reference to his characteristic brushwork:.

Cast Drawing Using the Sight-Size Approach

If the canvases were of three-quarter size he did not desire they should be loosened upon the straining frames, but if they were half-lengths or whole-lengths he never failed to paint with the canvas loose, secured by small cords, and brought to the extremity of the frame, and having previously determined and marked with chalk upon what part of the canvas the face was to be painted it was so placed on the Easil as to be close to the Subject he was painting, which gave him the Opportunity as he commonly painted standing of comparing the Dimensions and Effect of the Copy, with the original both near and at a distance; and by this method with incessant study and exertion he acquired the power of giving the Masses, and general Forms of his.

Upload Sign In Join. Find your next favorite book Become a member today and read free for 30 days Start your free 30 days. Create a List. Download to App. Ratings: Rating: 3. Length: pages 4 hours. Description In this fully revised and expanded book, Nicholas Beer examines the sight-size portrait method, in which the artist stands back at a distance to view the picture and sitter side-by-side and to scale.

The Sight-Size Cast

Nick demonstrates the technique in a series of projects that culminate in portrait painting. There are also sections on the history of sight-size, early treatises on portraiture, and the 'philosophy' of seeing. This new edition also includes a 'starts and studies' section, which looks at a series of unfinished paintings in detail to analyse the thought processes and techniques of great artists. Includes; an historical overview of the technique and introduction to the traditional language of drawing and painting; the limited palette and the philosophy of seeing; a step-by-step sequence with practical instruction, and examples of great masters ranging from Van Dyck to Sargent.

Superbly illustrated with colour illustrations including step-by-step sequence. All categories. About the author NB.

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Nick Beer runs courses in painting and drawing at the Sarum Studio in Salisbury. He has exhibited widely and has undertaken portrait commissions throughout Europe and America. Related authors. Related to On Sight-Size Portraiture. Related Categories. Skip carousel. Carousel Previous. Carousel Next. Activity Books. Walking forward to draw.