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This runs the stop method of the GlassFish object and any other methods that are required to shut down the server in an orderly fashion. While the application is running, you can test changes to the application by redeploying it. To redeploy, in the window from where the application was built and started from Maven, press Enter.

This goal starts the server and deploys an application. You can redeploy if you change the application. The application can be a packaged archive or a directory that contains an exploded application. You can set the parameters described in the following table. Allowed values are javadb , db2 , mssql , mysql , oracle , postgresql , pointbase , derby also for CloudScape , and sybase , case-insensitive.

Value of the create-tables-at-deploy attribute in sun-ejb-jar.

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Value of the drop-tables-at-undeploy attribute in sun-ejb-jar. Caution: Do not set autoDelete to true if you are using installRoot to refer to a preexisting GlassFish Server installation. This goal deploys an application. Allowed values are javadb , db2 , mssql , oracle , postgresql , pointbase , derby also for CloudScape , and sybase , case-insensitive.

If false , undeployment fails if any pools or resources are still associated with the resource adapter. This attribute is applicable to connectors resource adapters and applications with connector modules. This goal runs a GlassFish Server administration command. You must use either the command and commandParameters parameters in combination or the commandLine parameter. A map of the command parameters. See the org. The EJB 3.

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The Maven plug-in does not apply to embeddable EJB applications. Reference the glassfish-embedded-static-shell. See Setting the Class Path and Section Configure any required resources. However, if you are using glassfish-embedded-static-shell. These methods perform deployment in the background and do not load previously deployed applications or modules. To change the Instance Root Directory , set the org.

All properties are in the org. For example, the full name of the installation. GlassFish Server installation location from which glassfish-embedded-static-shell. Enables the web container if set. Needed for testing web services in a WAR file. The value is ignored and can be an empty string. If true , no changes are made to the existing configuration file, and a temporary server instance is not created for the embedded run. Instead, execution happens against the existing server instance. Do not use this option if the reused server instance could be in use by the running nonembedded GlassFish Server.

If true , omits modules from the classpath if they are not specified using EJBContainer. Using Maven with the EJB 3. When using Maven with the EJB 3. If you are using glassfish-embedded-static-shell. Both these ways use logger names. For a list of logger names, use the list-log-levels subcommand. This example shows the contents of a custom logging configuration file, customlogging. Pass the name of this custom logging configuration file to the java command when you invoke Embedded GlassFish Server.

For example:. You can use a Java DB database configured with nonembedded GlassFish Server if you explicitly specify the instance root directory or the configuration file. To disable weaving, set the org. The glassfish-embedded-web. The glassfish-embedded-all.

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Embedded GlassFish Server requires no installation or configuration. As a result, the following files and directories are absent from the file system until embedded GlassFish Server is started:.

If necessary, embedded GlassFish Server creates a base installation directory. Installation Root Directory The installation root directory, represented as as-install, is the parent of the directory that embedded GlassFish Server uses for configuration files.

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Instance Root Directory The instance root directory, represented as domain-dir, is the parent directory of a server instance directory. The domain. Instantiate the org. BootstrapProperties class. Invoke any methods for configuration settings that you require. This is optional. GlassFishProperties class.

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This example shows code for setting the port of an embedded GlassFish Server. Undeploying deployed applications Releasing any resources that your application uses. Deploying and Undeploying an Application in an Embedded GlassFish Server Deploying an application installs the files that comprise the application into Embedded GlassFish Server and makes the application ready to run.

To Deploy an Application From an Archive File or a Directory An archive file contains the resources, deployment descriptor, and classes of an application. Instantiate the java. File class to represent the archive file or directory. Other parameters are optional. Undeploying an Application Undeploy an application when the application is no longer required to run in GlassFish Server. Creating a Scattered Archive Deploying a module from a scattered archive WAR or JAR enables you to deploy an unpackaged module whose resources, deployment descriptor, and classes are in any location.

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ScatteredArchive class. Invoke the addClassPath and addMetadata methods if you require them. Invoke the toURI method to deploy the scattered archive. ScatteredArchive String name, ScatteredArchive. Type type. Type type, File topDir. Creating a Scattered Enterprise Archive Deploying an application from a scattered enterprise archive EAR enables you to deploy an unpackaged application whose resources, deployment descriptor, and classes are in any location.

ScatteredEnterpriseArchive class. Invoke the addArchive and addMetadata methods if you require them. Invoke the toURI method to deploy the scattered enterprise archive. ScatteredEnterpriseArchive String name. Example Running an asadmin create-jdbc-resource Command.

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Do the following as the root user. This maintains your existing files and configurations. If you skip this step you may have data loss.