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Uematsu wrote notes based on character designs and screenplays, creating a general picture of the songs' moods. He could not express a character's emotions solely with plot, instead using images of appearance and attire. It's important to know when their emotions are at their height, but it usually takes until a month before release for them to finish the ending dialogue!

The romance between Squall and Rinoa resulted in the creation of the game's vocal theme, " Eyes on Me ".

25 Songs That Tell Us Where Music Is Going

The composition "Ami" derives from the French word ami for "friend". The soundtrack received mixed reviews, being called "one of the most memorable scores you will ever hear" by some sources, and yet being pointed as "dull" by others. A limited edition first print version of the soundtrack was also produced.

The limited edition comes in a beige box measuring 10" by 5. The liner notes include a "Special Interview" of Nobuo Uematsu done by Yoshitake Maeda, not included in the regular edition. The liner notes with the package are scaled to 10 inches by 5. While the packaging differs, the tracks and names are the same and it contains the same liner notes translated into English as the regular Japanese version. This album was available for a limited time through Square's website. The regular Japanese version also includes a "special interview" with Nobuo Uematsu no translation of this available , and the limited edition also includes an interview with Uematsu, by Yoshitake Maeda, which is not included in the regular edition.

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It may be a good idea to open up and say "Here I am. I'm ready for anything! That is why I decided to have a change of mind this time. I declared myself that I will accept any hardship, and they decided to give me all the hardship possible. LOL Right now, my body is like an old towel wet and soaked. But it was fun.

Concentrating on something is my means of acquiring happiness. I don't know if he agrees, but I think I find a queer relation between me and Nobuo Uematsu. It first started when I started playing Final Fantasy on my Nintendo. The ones from the classes, for expamle. Awesome soundtrack. I could listen to this on my mp3 all day without getting bored, even it's just instrumental. It's great. Bully is the best ps2 game ever. The music for this game is I believe the best and most immersing game soundtracks I've ever seen.

It adds so much to the action and yet is great to be listened to by itself.

I just wish I could get the rest of the songs. Anyone know where to get them?

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I love this game so much! I played and beated the game so many times and after i beat it i wanna beat it again bc it is so cool and i here people say that they wish there was a bully2. I wish they had that song when your changing your clothes in the beach house i like that song. The game was top notch with one of the best orginal soundtracks I've ever heard. The quality of this album upload is excellent and will be appreciated by any fan of the game.

This game and the soundtrack get a perfect 10 from me! Yeah bully is great!!! How can u forgot about it?! It got great themes.

Final Fantasy VIII: Original Soundtrack | Final Fantasy Wiki | Fandom

This soundtrack addapts perfectly to the game and it's very pleasant to the ears. This game is really cool! This game was fantanstic and the music was just amazing i was very impressed School's out is the best music in the any video game make me feel happy thank you for this upload. I will like to see more songs like the theme of Johnny after you disable his bike and pipe or when you are following him. You have done a pretty neat job about the soundtracks.

The Original Soundtrack from Bully is Phenomenal, the eccentric bass, drums, guitar and electrical sounds All in unison, Shawn Lee, may be the best music artist Rockstar Studios has ever had yet! The soundtrack list for "Bully" is awesome as cool as the game is! My favorite track: "Vendetta Nerds".

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Wat ch out! Them nerds 'll unleash the rage that is their superior level attacks! Amazing game, and music couldn't have fitted with it any better. The instruments play so well with each other and the guitar Final showdown will always give me goosebumps, thank you so much for uploading this soundtrack.

I like this game very much and the soundtrack that feels that we are the player of this game. I like this game at ever had. Cool soundtrack. I just cant get any of these tunes out of my head anyhow! Yeah this is the great game with the soundtrack. But this is miss one the vendetta bullies. Bully is the best game ever!!!!!!! But some soundtrack are missing.. What is the soundtrack's name when jimmy chased by the cops before fighting jimmy? I want the song when Jimmy's just walking Btw, this game is awesome. Although it's not as complete as GTA, it's so much fun for a 15 year old person like me.

I played this game for the first time at 11 years old in I was delighted, simply perfect and unforgettable, the soundtrack and excellent, very addictive and charming, the riffes the bass are fantastic, the owners of this site are to be congratulated for leaving this fantastic soundtrack available for free download feel at Bullworth Academy. Where is the soundtrack sound "race the vale" iiii lllloooovveee iiitt A nd the final showdown song,that very amazing Beach rumble,but where's too the vendetta bullies,but i have it.

Incredible soundtrack. Shame that it doesn't include all the tracks like "Bustin' In" which is probably the best track next to "The Setup". I know four missing bits of music you missed. There' s vendetta bullies, playing the carnival games , the bike races and the go-kart races.