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Free download and read online Haalim Episode 17 #Haalim_Episode_17 written by Nimra www.binary-jobs.com uploaded this book category of this book is Urdu.
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By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent to our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. Ok I Agree Learn More. Urdu Novel. Download APK 4. She received scholarship to study in Turkey for a semester.

Jannat Kay Pattay by Nimra Ahmed Pdf Free Download & Read Online

Someone upload the private videos of her on the internet and made the life hell for her. She wanted to remove the video to avoid any complications with her traditional family.

Jannat Kay Pattay By Nimra Ahmed Free Pdf Download

And defended brilliantly all the lame pointers against pardah. The information about Turkey really made me to visit once Yes, just like Rakaposhi Turkish language, their trends and traditions were worth reading. The girl I liked most in the novel was not Haya, its DJ. Her naughtiness, quick replies and funny comments about Turkey was lovely. The novel was full of extra scenes which were too boring to read so the reader can skip those parts and can further move on.

This might put negative impact on writer. When Haya first called him at Mehndi, he was watching her by next door. I meant seriously?

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Wo bandi itni smart banti thi, Pinky ko pehchan lia. Jihan escaped from Indian Jail. How the hell he got enough time for those riddles. Shaaney uchkana, Muskurahat dabaye bolna, khafgi se dekhna, hont bheenchey dekhna, halaq mai ansoun ka phanda lagna Aaaand Ayeshey and Baharey are in Egypt, Jihan has got new assignment and Haya is still in contact with them. View all 3 comments. Reviewing this great book, the book that deserves to be read by everyone of any age. The book that taught me so much. The book that teaches us wisdom and talks of morality.

The book that talks about the right path. The book that tells us no matter how hard it is to stick to the right path, you ought to do it anyways. And in the last, The book that has changed my life in so many ways. I think my words can't justify the beauty of this amazing book so im just gonna quote the author herself, she Reviewing this great book, the book that deserves to be read by everyone of any age. Im not gonna go on telling it's plot here not because i don't want to but because i can't, I've already tried and typed so many things but it still was not sufficient.

The story has a vast expanse of events - events that trail from Pakistan toTurkey and then Back to Pakistan and then all the way back to Turkey. This book not only taught me so much about religion, a woman's modesty and finding the right path, But it also made me fall in love with Turkey.

So fellas, trust me, I'm not exaggerating. This book is really worth all the appreciation in the world.

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Do read it if you haven't yet. You've been missing this helluva great piece of writing for long enough! Mar 23, Madiha J Bookblogger added it Shelves: confused-to-read-or-not. EDIT Read it finally and now i can't gather my thoughts. Its one of those books that you like but also point out some flaws. In the start the book was very good, a good mystery but then it took a filmy turn which is Nimra Ahmed's forte, so i was like rolling my eyes throughout that part and i was telling and laughing over it with my bro.

I mean how can this be? Jihan was a bit mean and Haya was dumb. I felt veryyyyy irritated with their miscommunication on purpose : And the most odd thing was, ek esi video pe itnaaa vabaal, jo ghar k function ki hai, function mei sab family mojood thy sab k samny they both performed then family ku galat perceive karti? Stupidest thing according to me. Overall a good book for me to keep reading and have a laugh over it. Some moments were cute. View 2 comments. Oct 26, Ayesha rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary , firsts , urdu.

No fantasy or thrillers. The topics discussed are family loyalty or a tragic love story. But jannat ke patty has a little bit of everyting. Although the plot resembles a motley of a lot of books. The protagonists actually had a conversation despite many urdu novels in which they only stare at each other with "kan akhiyon". May 12, Samreen rated it did not like it Shelves: waistage-of-time. View all 4 comments. Oct 01, Zaineb Anwar rated it it was amazing Shelves: urdu , favorites. An amazing and remarkably well-written book. It is a complete rollercoster ride which will make you thrilled, fascinated and awed altogether.

A story of courage, reality, struggle and faith. Be prepared for an episode of emotional turmoil that will definitely put you in a bucket of tears,but i assure you that you will never regret it. Dec 30, Sadiya rated it it was amazing. This book is on my top 5 favorite list. Sep 29, Moneeza Rafiq rated it it was ok Shelves: mystery-thriller-psychological , fiction , romance , south-asian-fiction. While I liked the book overall, there were moments where it bored me and I skipped lines to finish quickly. The novel is well-written, the plot has been sketched out beautifully though it became a bit convoluted at one point for me to follow smoothly.

I understand that the title of the novel dictates that the story is about Haya's journey from a bad girl who never covers her head and dresses provocatively enough to catch every male's eye, to a good girl 'achi larki' who is a hijabi girl. However, the novel becomes too preachy at one point and it felt rather sexist to continue a page narrative on that age old good girl vs. No one calls Waleed 'behaya' shameless when he snatches Haya's scarf and tries to rape her early in the novel. The same religion which dictates dress code and proper behavior for Muslim women around other males also dictates how men should behave modestly and respectfully around women.

The novel tries to show us that every bad thing that happened to Haya before her hijab was her fault, because she always dressed provocatively and got herself in trouble with other men and invited the displeasure of family members. The novel tried to be feminist by showing us how strong and independent Haya becomes at the end of the novel, which is great, but reinforces the idea that girls who don't cover up properly and have secret boyfriends are behaya while the boys go scot free no matter what they do.

Also, is nikah between children even legal anywhere in the world? I thought that both Islamic Law and Pakistani Law demanded that the girl and boy in age should be mature in both physical and mental sense. In addition, Pakistani Law demands that the girl should be at least 16 and the boy So how is it that Haya wasn't even a year old when she was married off to Jihan? I found myself reading the novel through this veil of incredulity. I just can't bring myself to treat nikah between children of less than a year and an 8-year-old as valid and legal.

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Aug 07, Sehar Naveed rated it did not like it. What a wastage of time! I have heard so many good things about this novel but it was such a bakwass story with so many loopholes that I was literally irritated. I take Hijab as well but the way it portrays the judgemental views of main protagonist is pathetic really and far too away from Islam.

I was literally irritated by 'achi larkiyan'.

Jannat Kay Pattay by Nimra Ahmed Urdu Novel Free Download

At one point I started thinking why didn't the writer made Haya as Jehaan. The story What a wastage of time! The story was all over the place and was not realistic a bit!!

I have read 'A Case of Exploding Mangoes' by Hanif Muhammed and feel that it was master piece as compared to this novel. I am comparing both novels because the main protagonists of both stories had the army background with their fathers being labelled as traitors. But since Hanif Muhammed was himself in Airforce and have seen that life so I found his approach more realistic, relatable and believable.

Nimra Ahmed was trying to offer too much but made a khichri out of it Won't recommend it to even enemy!! Oct 27, Zoha rated it it was amazing Shelves: urdu-lit , sugar-spice-and-everything-nice. I read this book before I was on goodreads so didn't have a chance to write a review but as this novel is my most favorite of urdu literature so I guess I should express my love for it First of all, thank you Nemrah for writing something different.

Your always write out of the circle of typical urdu literature and that is what I like about you.

There is no doubt that your writing style is inspired by modern English literature but I have no problem with that in fact this is what I love most I read this book before I was on goodreads so didn't have a chance to write a review but as this novel is my most favorite of urdu literature so I guess I should express my love for it There is no doubt that your writing style is inspired by modern English literature but I have no problem with that in fact this is what I love most about your books This novel is everything I want in a good novel.

Romance, friendship,mystery, adventure, crime, cousins drama, patriotism, religion, and norms of our society. I love the protagonists of this novel Haya and Jahan both have special place in my heart. I loved the character of DJ and Sabeen. Though I always doubted Ayeshy's intentions but eventually loved her.