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He was not in the slightest bit interested in eating anyone. He spat out Harpies, lol! He was gonna stay there taking bolt after bolt till all the Harpies were gone. But then he and Mom flew up, up and away. I was dead wrong about Hizzy. But Tyrion was right, Hizzy and Tywin would have got along famously. All about tradition!

Even if it means murder as sport. Good for Selyse.

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Dany scales escaped leaving her entourage behind in danger… Twice. Including hubby to be. Bitch is a worse wife than she is a queen. Loved Dorne. Yes of course it was a little unbelievable. You could just think to yourself, Drogon burned and tore apart a lot of them, maybe they ran, maybe they were to scared to do anything the few that threw spears at Drogon, Drogon ate. So just relax and enjoy it for what it is, a great fantasy sequence and stop with the nitpicking on such trivial things. Speaking of breaking the internet, the IMDB message board crashed as soon as the ep finished.

Book Readers have plenty leg to stand on to be outraged with this poor execution of the stannis story arc. Thanks HBO, for half revealing part of the 9th episode climax. Everything shy of Dorne was decent to incredible.

The Dance of Dragons

Dorne hurt it, though, and Arya probably should have had more of a resolution to her not-exactly-her-best season plotline this episode, too. Happens in the books, besides. But Dorne! Oh, Alexander Siddig. Why did they give you a role like this?

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Shireen, well, I of course feel terrible for losing. My heart aches, and I will see Stannis burn. They did good here. Like, ever. Unfortunately, they do show her rising above the city. LordDavos : I thought the Pit was great: tense, emotional when Drogon appeared. Jorah is not giving anyone greyscale, particularly Dany, come on! It would be direct contact, not from unafflicted skin.

JamesL : Sunfyre ,. Really hope Martin speaks up or something. To all you Stannis fans…. Mutha fucker needs to get his. The North and Robb remembers. So seriously, Jon took the ships back to Eastwatch, so why was he North of the Wall again? Makes no sense. HBOsWail : even I, a non book reader, can tell that this stannis portrayal is very off. As this episode has already aired now I feel the need to say this. I love the books but this show and its creators have literally done more to ensure the next book flies of the shelves in record numbers than anyone except GRRM any so called book purist should be thankful this show has done this for the wonderful books that are ice and fire.

Suck it up and enjoy the ride I know I will.

But alas if you must holler bloody murder know that I disagree and encourage you to stop watching. Fuck Blood Magic, fuck the Lord of light, fuck this old system of belief that worship Azor azai myth and the sacrifice of his wife…. No wonder Rhllor was never popular in Westeros, as a believer you have to sacrifice your family, your blood, but it is family not religion that build the 7 kingdoms….

Stannis will never succeed in his quest. I just hope he realize before the end that he choosed the wrong path and legetimize Gendry on his dead bed…. Sorry if my reply came out that way. Bye bye Hizdahr. I thought he would stay longer with us, especially because he never married Dany. It would be cool seeing him and Tyrion fight for the control of Meereen.

Without Stannis present? Very confused. I see no need to be so aggressive. Greyjoy is probably still alive, so that leaves…………. Will he be the fourth one to die? Then in comes Jon and Dany…..? That dragon was incredible. I want to rewatch just those 10 minutes or so repeatedly for a few days.


You could easily say bad weather and the ships were overburdened. Pretty much this. So… If Stannis does end up doing this in the books it means a lot of things as all bookreaders will now. Pretty huge spoilers. She probably gets burned without Stannis knowing back on the wall.. You are lying. They show them fly over the stadium and out of it with the Harpy Pyramid in the background… IT was really very well made! They show her rising above one of the pyramids.

The episode was really good. I blame the accents.

13 Reasons Why

Curious the Davos fallout, that relationship feels point of no return. No Littlefinger or Varys. And no one shedding a tear for Harzoo :. He just wanted to respect his cities tradition. And now he is dead. Even though I still think book Harzoo is the harpy. Did I miss any more hypable quotes? Plot armour of Ser Friendzone? How he throw spear kinda over the top. No guards with the Queen? Dorne was meh for most part,but Alexander Siddig is great. Arya stuff was good. The Wall not much happened.

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